For you who train hard.
With our products, you get natural protein from the egg white. We have different products for your needs. With a low fat content and high protein values, it is suitable both after exercise and as a snack during the day.

For you who exercise and Exercise
Our products are perfect for you as a snack and after your workout. Stay alert and happy with our good egg white protein products that give you good protein values ​​and are always milk-free, gluten-free and lactose-free.

For the whole family
We have put a lot of focus on developing tasty and light products to consume. Cover the whole family's daily protein needs.

Buy products that give you value and are easy for your body to absorb.

"We at JustEgg care about the hens and listen to our customers, therefore we never use cage eggs in any of our products"

 We are approved suppliers to ICA and COOP and meet IP food certification issued by Sigill Quality System AB.