JustEgg AB: A Journey Towards Pure and Quality Protein

How It Started

JustEgg AB began its journey in 2017, addressing a significant gap in the market for quality protein sources, especially for sensitive stomachs. Patrik, the founder of JustEgg AB, had struggled since the age of 19 to find the right protein powder due to his high lactose sensitivity. Most supplements were whey-based, which Patrik couldn't consume without experiencing digestive issues. He tried all lactose-free alternatives but always ended up feeling gassy and uncomfortable, without gaining the energy he sought.

To get enough protein, Patrik had to rely on animal protein sources and ensure he trained and ate properly. Despite this, it was a constant struggle to maintain a high protein intake without negatively affecting his stomach.

Why JustEgg & NUTRITION Was Created

JustEgg & NUTRITION was created with the goal of exploring alternatives to whey protein and developing a flavorful protein powder based on egg protein, known as one of the best protein sources. When the team behind JustEgg decided to develop their Egg White Protein, their primary focus was to keep the product as pure as possible, without any unnecessary additives, sugars, or other ingredients.

Striving for quality, purity, and taste, JustEgg created six flavors that were meticulously tested both on the market and internally. All products from JustEgg are handled with the highest quality, and we are confident that every customer receives the best supplement for their body.

Who's Behind It

Patrik, the founder of JustEgg AB, has a long-standing interest in fitness and strength training. He started going to the gym around the age of 15 with his football team, which he had been playing since he was 8. Patrik played football at an elite youth level for many years, with the potential to reach Allsvenskan. Despite a promising career in football, Patrik's interest shifted when he discovered the joy of strength training. Today Patrik is 42 years old and has gathered so much knowledge in the nutrition and fitness industry.


JustEgg & NUTRITION is committed to supporting sports and activities that give everyone energy and strength, especially the next generation. We continuously sponsor organizations, from small to large, to support the next generation in strength and sports. If you are a club or organization interested in collaborating, we are happy to arrange a meeting to discuss further.

The Future

The future looks bright for JustEgg & NUTRITION, with growing interest from both amateur and professional sports figures who want to collaborate and love the products. The company plans to launch more new flavors of its popular Egg White Protein and continues to strive to provide the best protein on the market.

In addition to Egg White Protein, JustEgg is working on introducing new products. These new products are planned to be launched in mid-2025, always with high protein content and free from lactose, fat, sugar, and other additives. Follow JustEgg's journey forward and ensure you always get the best nutrition for you and your loved ones.


JustEgg has received excellent feedback from athletes and sports professionals who truly understand and appreciate what we offer. We are particularly proud that Mr. Universe, Jay Cutler, has tasted our Egg White Protein and said it's the best egg protein he has ever tried. (A proud moment, thanks @jaycutler!)


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